Move to Maleny, Sunshine Coast – Queensland, Australia


With a population of 1, 000, it sits 450 metres above Sealevel, certainly one of 4 settlements which scatter the Blackall Range, at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Town enjoys a scenic view of The Glasshouse Mountains, a vast variety of extinct volcanic plugs to the south-east. Maleny is a Mecca for migrants thinking about ecology, alternative lifestyles, arts and crafts and the out doors.

Maleny’s climate is typical of its altitude; generally cool in cold temperatures, wet and warm in summer. Back in ’09 the mean mid winter fever (July) has been 13.3° Celsius and the mean for high summer (December) had been 22.4°, although it did reach as large as 38° Celsius on a minumum of one afternoon in November.

Ancient industry in Maleny was established round the native lumber. Whitsundays Tour Forests of beech, bamboo and hoop pine were felled for local building and for export to Great Britain. Once removed, the land was used for dairy farming. Today, tourism is the main industry in the region. For most people the appeal may be the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’Great Walk’. 58kms long, the walk trecks throughout the Blackall Range, two national parks and the Maleny shore reserve. Maleny is home to many artisans and other lifestylers many of whom operate cooperatives and stores. Entrepreneurial regional farmers have been capitalising on tourism by burrowing into valueadded are as like cheese manufacturing.

Families with children, visiting Maleny, have access to many schools. There is a state primary, nation senior school, and a different’neo-humanist’ primary school. The Sunshine Coast Grammar School is 18 kilometres away, on a stunning 80 acre campus.

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